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Created 23-May-15
16 photos
Photos in this collection are a mix of recent and interesting photos. All of the photos here can also be found in the larger Selected Recent Photos collection. The best ones are also highlighted in the the Most Interesting Photos collection.
Memorial Day Offerings at the Wall - 2023Sydney Opera House lit under a Full moonAurora Borealis color display at Shenandoah National ParkAurora Borealis color display at Shenandoah National ParkMäntylä House at Polymath Park - Frank Lloyd WrightPittsburgh Sunrise at the Duquesne InclinePittsburgh Cherry Blossoms with the Andy Warhol BridgePeak Fog with Peak Bloom Cherry BlossomsAfter Sunrise with the Cherry Blossoms - 2023Peak Bloom Cherry Blossoms in the FogMorning with Stumpy - Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal BasinMoonstack of Moonrise over over One World Trade CenterAfter Sunset at Monument ValleyThe Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone