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Moonbow (rainbow from moonlight) at Yosemite FallsSunrise at Uluru, Australia's IconDawn at the Tidal Basin with the Cherry Blossoms (2016)Sunrise at the Gateway Arch - St. LouisMilky Way and the Magellanic Clouds at UluruThe March Worm Moon over Washington DCSunflowers at NightBoulder Bridge in Rock Creek Park - Washington, DCHarvest Moon with the Statue of Freedom on the US CapitolSuper Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse - January 20-21, 2019Moonrise with the Washington Monument - 10.4% Waning Crescent Moon9-11 Towers of Light Pentagon Tribute 2020Sunset at Anaeho'omalu Beach (Hawaii Island)The Gateway Arch at NightJanuary's Wolf Moon Rising Above the Lincoln MemorialStrawberry Full Moon over the Sydney Opera HouseJust-past full Harvest Moon rising above the U.S. CapitolMoon set over the US Air Force MemorialChicago Skyline at Dawn from Adler PlanetariumSunrise in Washington DC with the Monuments and the Capitol